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Mon, Jun 3, 2013

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OMG ya’ll.. I’m welling up with tears of joy as my sister and friend Shalonda Gordon in the black jacket, just had her first $3,000 day… OMG OMG OMG..

People think we’re all about the “money”, but its not that.. it’s all about the “Journey”.. it’s about someone who has worked hard for yeeeaaarrrsss, invested thousands of dollars investing in their dreams and belief that they can succeed as an entrepreneur.. all to get extremely disappointed, let down and not earn what they had hoped… HOWEVER… They never gave up, but kept pressing forward UNTIL FINALLY.. TODAY.. IT HAPPENED…


Shalonda is that person, as well as soooo many other people..

So many people start off with a dream, but one challenge can easily discourage them to quit and give up… Not Shalonda, and not Lorina and Nikki, who were the ones that just invested in their dreams by upgrading and coming ALL IN with Empower Network…

Ladies and Gents.. our family, our community, our journey’s are all about people who have HUGE DREAMS… and no matter how many disappointments they’ve faced along the way… THEY WON’T GIVE UP…



======>> Say Yes To Your Dreams Now Here <<=======


So when you see us celebrating, rejoicing, promoting their pictures.. sharing their stories and bragging about their successes… It’s because we know THE STORY BEHIND THE GLORY… WE KNOW THE JOURNEY, WE KNOW THE CHALLENGES AND WE KNOW WHAT THEY HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET TO WHERE THEY ARE… Empower has been that place where people have been able to DREAM AGAIN Where people realized that THEY’RE NOT FAILURES That THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG That THEIR DREAMS DO MATTER That THEY DO HAVE A PLACE ON THIS EARTH TO IMPACT OTHERS AND BE ACCEPTED….



=========>> Start Your Journey Today <<========


That’s why we cheer so loudly That’s why we scream for each other at the top of our lungs That’s why we squeeze each others necks That’s why we post on each others facebook walls That’s why we do whatever we must to get to our Teams Quarterly Events like the one this month in Chicago… That’s why we encourage others to PARTNER UP WITH US IN EMPOWER NETWORK & Get All In… Because it’s moments like this.. Where we see someone EARN MORE IN ONE DAY, THAN THEY USED TO EARN IN ONE MONTH Where Single Moms like Shalonda, Lorina and Nikki, Who fights hard to keep their dreams alive.. despite the challenges they face… can finally exhale.. because of these small victories that they’re able to experience in their lives…


==============>> Start Creating Your Success Story TODAY!! <<============


Today….. I’m rejoicing.. I’m welling up with tears, I’m overwhelmed with excitement..


Because your time is finally here..

It’s your time to shine….

It’s your Time to Walk in Financial Abundance…

Your work was not in vain…

Instead.. you’re about to reap an amazing harvest from all the seeds you’ve sown!

Love you ladies..

And if you’re reading this, standing back as spectators, who want this feeling..

You desire this experience..

You want your face to go viral on Face book with a $3,000 Day in the headline

It all starts here:

Be Bold, Stop Waiting & Take Action,

~ Make Money Not Excuses

P.S. Shalonda just quit her job 3 months ago, and today, she earned in One Hour, what she used to earn In one month… that could be your story too, by making the decision to say YES here!

P.P.S. Please see our Income Disclaimer here to see our average earnings, and realize that we don’t guarantee you’ll get the same results..


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